Rocky Mountain Ecology (RME) was started in 2006. We are a team of regulatory compliance specialists, biologists, archaeologists, GIS/watershed health specialists, and foresters working throughout the Southwestern U.S., that provide:  

  • Management of the environmental permitting process
  • Cultural and biological resource surveys
  • Applied forest restoration/ implementation services

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Shawn Knox - Operations Director

Shawn Knox manages operations, environmental planning on complex projects, and serves as an ecologist for RME. He has earned an M.S. in Ecology from Colorado State University, and has 17 years of experience in natural resource planning and management.

Michaela Shattuck - Administrative Director

Michaela Shattuck manages project budgets and project planning for both the Colorado and New Mexico offices. She has earned an M.A. in Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico. She has over a decade of experience working for Non-Profit Organizations in New Mexico.


Our Environmental Compliance Specialists routinely manage the complex regulatory permitting process for our clients.  Our team of Biologists has worked extensively throughout the Southwest, conducting botanical and wildlife surveys for numerous threatened, endangered and common game species. We are permitted to conduct surveys for Mexican Spotted Owls, Chiricahua leopard frogs, and Southwest Willow Flycatchers. Moreover, we have also conducted surveys for Northern Goshawks. Our lead Biologists, Shawn Knox and Clay Bowers, have managed numerous projects in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Bowers has conducted botanical surveys on numerous projects in Arizona and New Mexico.  Mr. Knox has managed data collection for hundreds of plots on stand exams, and conducted Mexican spotted owl and Northern goshawk surveys. Mr. Bowers has managed multiple, high-profile river restoration projects, including those on Middle Rio Grande and on the La Plata River. Shawn Knox is permitted to conduct biological investigations on the Navajo Nation. Mr. Knox has extensive experience conducting plant surveys, endangered species surveys, and writing compliance documentation such as EAs, BAs and migratory bird survey reports. Additionally, Katherine Dewitt, a botanist with extensive training in Northern Arizona and experience at the New York Botanical Gardens, provides specialized plant identification for our projects. Cassandra D'Antonio, a Regulatory Compliance Specialist with decades of experience, specializes in public outreach, high-profile meeting facilitation and NEPA analysis. Our team of specialists has engaged repeatedly in Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation, conducted noxious weed survey work, vegetation monitoring, raptor and mule deer survey work, quail, duck, and mule deer habitat improvement projects. 



We work with Adam Okun, who has over 15 years experience with private, state, federal and tribal entities throughout the Southwest. The cultural team is permitted to conduct archaeological investigations on the Navajo Nation. They have repeatedly carried out consultation for Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Moreover, they have served as Principal Investigators and Project Managers for hundreds of projects on Pueblo lands, BLM, UDSA-Forest Service, USDA-NRCS, and for the Public Service Company of New Mexico.


FORESTERS/ Implementation Specialists

Our forestry team has over 40 years of experience working for private, state, federal and tribal entities throughout the Southwest. Our team members have conducted stand exams, written prescribed burn plans, conducted prescribed burns, researched effects of wildfires, and managed forest restoration on dozens of projects throughout both Arizona and New Mexico in all regional forest types. Moreover, we have installed thousands of riparian plantings including poles and potted plants with very high levels of success.

Jeremy Hanlon, our Implementation Director, oversees mastication, fuels reduction and restoration projects. We utilize hand crews and multiple machines including Barko 930s, ASV PT100s to accomplish forest restoration, depending upon the needs of the client.We have participated in multiple Collaborative Forest Restoration Projects (CFRP) in New Mexico.  Shawn Knox, the Co-owner/ Director of RME holds a M.S. in Ecology with emphasis in Fire Ecology from Colorado State University. He has collected and analyzed stand age and fire history data on several projects in Arizona and Colorado. He also has extensive experience designing riparian restoration plans and has led numerous teams on riparian planting efforts throughout the Southwest.



We offer cutting edge geospatial analysis capabilities for land and water resource assessment. Our team of Watershed Specialists has managed numerous river and wetland restoration projects throughout New Mexico within the Middle Rio Grande, La Plata and Pecos River basins. We are certified in wetland delineation, and have conducted water quality sampling on several projects throughout both New Mexico and Arizona. We have designed and written wetland mitigation plans for the State of New Mexico, and handled the Clean Water Act Section 404 permitting process for several projects, statewide. We are certified, commercial herbicide applicators and have extensive experience with both riparian and upland noxious weed treatments. Lucas Vecchio, our lead Watershed/GIS Specialist has extensive experience with geospatial modeling, several years of experience in watershed science, and extensive stream restoration experience.