RME provides regulatory compliance documentation, GIS analysis, resource surveys and applied restoration services for a wide variety of project types and clients. our team has extensive experience working with federal, state, tribal and private entities on the projects listed below.

  • Modeling and GIS analysis to assist in planning and management of land/water resources for:
    • basic cartography
    • site suitability analysis (ex. where to conduct surveys, where to access, where to locate towers, etc.)
    • watershed and floodplain modeling
    • U.S. Forest Service projects that need to predict changes in water yield using vegetative and site data, using the Water Resources Evaluation of Non-Point Silvicultural Sources (WRENSS) software 
  • Herbicide application
  • Forest thinning/restoration projects
  • Wetland design projects
  • Resource surveys and regulatory permitting for:
    • highway/ bridge construction
    • residential and commercial developments
    • water and wastewater line installations
    • electric line installations
    • energy infrastructure development
    • trail construction
    • commercial/ residential property acquisitions
  • Reclamation projects