RME has developed a reputation for providing only high-quality products, and that is our primary goal. However, our unique approach to environmental services is highlighted by the combination of attributes below.

Technical Experts

As a guiding principal, we find and utilize the best specialists available for your specific job.



Our diversity of skill-sets enables us to perform multiple services for our clients on a given project. We routinely conduct both the planning and implementation phases for projects. Our Implementation Specialists compliment our regulatory planning work, enabling comprehensive management of your project. A typical set of services we provide includes conducting cultural surveys, biological surveys and preparation of environmental planning documents for a project. Another common set of services we provide includes resource surveys, preparation of environmental planning documents, and on-the-ground implementation of forest or watershed restoration measures.



We have relatively low overhead, and are able to complete the highest quality work for significantly less than our competitors.



With offices in Durango, CO and Bernalillo, NM we are able to respond swiftly to project needs throughout the Southwest. This enables quick response and turn-around times. Moreover, our team members have extensive experience working through the regulatory compliance process with NMDOT, USFWS, USFS, BLM and the USACE in the Region. We understand the nuances of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and Clean Water Act (CWA), and thus are able to optimize the compliance process so that unnecessary delays are avoided.